Niyia's a stellar human and sharp as a tack!

-Jon Braver, Haunted Play's Delusion Creator & Executive Producer

The company is me, Dasha Kittredge, and Niyia Mack. Niyia is an amazing event coordinator and producer.  She can do it all.

-Terence Leclere, Founder of Metaforyou

Niyia’s work speaks for itself, and it’s always great to work with her.

-Robert Axelrod, Contract Associate to Alice Smith, Actor’s Equity Association

Niyia is an incredible spirit with an equally as incredible work ethic. She tells it like it is and keeps the ship afloat to no avail. I know who to call when it comes to execution of a project from start to finish. 

-Jackie Ortiz, independent marketing consultant; Other Jackie O. Media 

I was inspired just talking to Niyia.

-Jared Goode, independent creator and musician; The Goode Kids